HomeBeautiful and Elegant Sofa Design by Kati Meyer-Powder

Beautiful and Elegant Sofa Design by Kati Meyer-Powder

Elegant Sofa Design

Elegant Sofa Design – comfy sofa design

Here are present a beautiful and elegant sofa Powder from Brühl  company. All Brühl products come from Germany, designed and made at the company home in Bad Steben, Upper Franconia.  The sofa sets is looking charming with white,pink, black, blue sky, purple colors.  Powder, cutting edge design, gives any room a touch of poetry. Clean cut chairs and sofas round architecturally presented with winged female figures in a line. The dust tight comfort is just a dream with its omnidirectional protected ground.  Insections cone shaped arm are the height of refinement. The Sofa is Very Comfortable of Living room and other rooms.

Powder Group Color Sofa

Powder Group Color Sofa – beautiful sofa design

Charming Sofa Blue Sky

Charming Sofa Blue Sky – innovative sofa design

Elegance Sofa Elegance

Elegance Sofa Elegance – charming sofa design ideas

Beautiful Sofa Powder

Beautiful Sofa Powder – elegant sofa design

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