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Contemporary Dining Table by Carpanelli

Contemporary Dining Table Carpanelli

Contemporary Dining Table Carpanelli – modern furniture design

Carpanelli has design beautiful handmade  furniture  specially dining table by combining  best material wood and crystal glass result  with high artistic design. Unique dining table  using curved sheets of wood connected by a central structure and metal glossy chrome base. Table and chairs are available in a full finish Makassar ebony or maple finish. The option to clone can be inlaid with other types of wood like cherry, collected, an ebony base., or walnut, permitting the added intrigue and beauty in the details. Contemporary dining table by Carpanelli is a blend of convenience and creativity. You can select wooden dining tables in different finishes and styles.

Dining Tables by Carpanelli

Dining Tables by Carpanelli – dining table

Dining Tablesets Carpanelli

Dining Tablesets Carpanelli – modern fantastic dining table and chair

Modern Dining Table Carpanelli

Modern Dining Table Carpanelli – fantastic dining table

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