HomeCute and Colorful Modular Sofa System by Studio Lawrence.

Cute and Colorful Modular Sofa System by Studio Lawrence.

Modular Sofa Studio Lawrence

Modular Sofa Studio Lawrence – cute sofa design

If you are looking  for Modular sofa system inspiration around the web for your lovely home? Today we feature cute and colorful modular sofa system, the combination among the design,  colors and the materials that use is very cute â' contemporary modular sofa system â' very beautiful  by Studio Lawrence.  The sofa designed to creating beautiful combinations and will be creates new shape sofas.  There are some interesting colors choices like pink, orange, yellow, grey and combination colors. â'The solid and robust forms of the individual seats are an exploration, an abstraction of a chair. The standard seat is 50cm wide and is available with a set of arms, a single arm or without, and a wider 75cm option with arms can hold a square cushion to be used as a surface for working on or a laptop.â? This is a modular sofasystem, playful, sophisticated and engaging, and is capable to become a corner model. This modular sofa system  could not only provide comfortable relaxing but also give practicable  playful zones for friends, family, colleagues or clients to congregate, interact and explore together. Maybe you like the sofa with another shape â?¦ try it.!

Colorful Modular Sofas Studio Lawrence

Colorful Modular Sofas Studio Lawrence – colorful sofa

Modular Sofa System Studio Lawrence

Modular Sofa System Studio Lawrence – Sofa design ideas

Pink Modular SofaStudio Lawrence

Pink Modular SofaStudio Lawrence – modern sofa design

Modular Sofas Studio Lawrence

Modular Sofas Studio Lawrence – colorful modular sofa

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