HomeGlamour Collection Bathroom Cabinets by Architect Marco Poletti

Glamour Collection Bathroom Cabinets by Architect Marco Poletti

Modern Bathroom Eurolegno Furniture

Modern Bathroom Eurolegno Furniture – elegant bathroom design

All the furniture Glamour collection Bathroom cabinets was made Eurolegno companyâ's.  Eurolegno M.C.A. B. s.r.l.  was born thirty years ago in Rome. Projecting and making furniture accessories and complements to finish the bathroom have always been the companyâ's business. for example Glamour,  If you have this bathroom cabinet modern and elegant as the one presented by his incredible collection Eurolegno in Glamour, first make sure that your bathroom is large enough to provide sufficient space for these cabinets.  Furniture Glamour was made by architect Marco Poletti, presenting a fresh and elegant view. The collection is a combination of these elements of classical and modern art, so it is more than just furniture. The cabinets  colorful and pleasant wood, but with feet and handles chrome, nicely shaped and carved, so looks elegant and charming.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design – modern bathroom furniture

Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom – modern bathroom design

Modern Bathrom Eurolegno

Modern Bathrom Eurolegno – modern bathroom cabinets

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